creating long-lasting bonds with our customers.

combining the critical business understanding of humans and human-centric AI.

understanding of data management systems with critical AI expertise

About innAIte [iˈnāt]

what we believe in

We believe the right use cases for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are identified only when people reflect deeply about the mission they have and how they would like to do that better & faster. We help our customers by focusing on our core values:

  • Build to Last
  • Be Curious
  • Work Together
  • Take Initiative
  • Have a Great Time

Our Services

Artificial Intelligence

we help our customers identify the best use cases for AI/ML and we are also there to strike the right balance between complexity & impact by providing a suite of services spanning across: building vs buying & customizing, deploying with trust, using ethically.

Application Development

we are keen on providing end-to-end solutions to our customers and we believe that software should be simple, intuitive and easily scalable.

Product Design

we believe that writing the code should be one of the last priorities as we take a design-first approach, focusing on the creating the best solution possible and only then on the technology.

Data Engineering

we love using data in order to create better outcomes: people growth, revenue growth, cost savings & operational efficiency.

Business Analysis

we care about understanding how your organization functions in order to make sure that we design the most suitable solution.


no matter what, we love being there for our partners and help them overcome difficult moments

working with us

Let's have a chat and find out how we can help your business to provide even more value.
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Contact us

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Location: 1 - 5 Calea Victoriei
Bucharest, Romania

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